lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

The 6th of May in class and homework for next day

Hi, partners. We've had a hard class today. First of all, we've talked 5 minutes about this topics: The Media, Health, Music, Advertising and Travel. To practise with this topics, is important to prepare "speaking". Besides, we've been correcting homework for today.This homework was exercise 2.c of page 85. 

On the other hand, we've worked next exercises in class: 
  1. 6.b, 6.c, 6.e and 6.f in page 87
  2. 4.a in  page 89
  3. 6.B in page 142, and 6.B.a and b in page 143
  4. MINI GRAMMAR "have something done" (with exercise) in page 91
  5. 2.a in page 93
  6. 6.C in page 142, and 6.C.a in page 143
  7. Point "Can you understand these people?" in page 99

Finally,  the homework for next day is: 
  • page 155 completly
  • Exercise 6.C.b in page 143
That's all, partners.

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